Menu Fikaffe

A cup of coffee and a dreamy snack can sure make your day a lot better! Come and share this dream with me! 🙂 My Bike Cafe will be in Farsta soon! While you wait, here is a menu teaser… We want you to FIKA!


The Drinks:

Our coffee inspired drinks are somewhat traditional, as they come from good old times, but have a modern alternative touch. Try and let us know!

The Snacks:

Our snacks are a mix of saulty inventions by the chef with traditional “with coffee” food. Try our pão de queijo from Brazil and our onion cookies from nowhere (they are from inside the chef’s head).

The Desserts:

OMG. There is no other way to describe. Our chef is very inspired when it comes to anything sweet. Brigadeiro from Brazil, brigadeiro maltine mousse, cheese sugar delights, deconstructed lemon pie, carrot cake with chocolate frosting, orange cake, peanut butter pie… If you get lucky, you will try one of those very soon.